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A meeting of porcelain families

Chorus & Botha is a Dutch – South African art and antique dealership specialising in Chinese and Japanese porcelain, bronzes, furniture, and other oriental art such as ivory statues, weaponry, woodcrafts and scroll paintings.

The names of Chorus and Botha go back through time like the antiques we present here today. One of them, Botha, tells the tale of an Amsterdam-born V.O.C. tradesman, no doubt party to countless voyages of the porcelain trade, settling down in the Dutch Cape Colony in pursuit of a new life for his family in 1658. Eventually, his lineage would lead to the birth of the first Prime Minister of the Union of South Africa and Boer war hero in 1862, General Louis Botha. In 2014, more than 350 years after the first Botha sailed for open sea, one of his great-great-grandchildren has returned to the Netherlands to resume trade lanes with the orient once again.

The other name, Chorus, would not make it to the Netherlands until the 17th century itself. For many centuries, starting from the first known mention of the name in 1232, the Chorus family played various governing roles in the development of the city of Aachen as the coronation place for German kings of the Holy Roman Empire. One of them, Ritter Gerhard Chorus, mayor of Aachen in 1327, lies buried in the cathedral of the city alongside Charlemagne and Otto III to this day. At around the same time as the Botha family left Dutch soil, the Chorus family played a large role in the needle industry of the region and the first descendants in the Netherlands arrived in Limburg province. Today, the family’s trading traditions of the past are continued in the art and antique business.

So, as the Ming dynasty came to its end in China, the Botha family history in South Africa had just begun. As the Chorus family started its long run as governors of the city of Aachen in the heart of the Holy Roman Empire, the potters of the Yuan dynasty were already producing the blue and white porcelains that would grow to be so popular throughout the world. In an unlikely turn of events, the two families would meet in Johannesburg in 2014 and a partnership was born. The company was founded when a passion for collecting Chinese porcelain and a stay of several years in the southern provinces of China and Shanghai turned into a daily occupation for its founders. Our gallery is located in the city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch), the Netherlands, just an hour south of Amsterdam.

Other services include valuations and appraisals, consignments, porcelain and furniture restoration, and art advisory.